Top 5 Modern Office Furniture Designs

Like anything else, office furniture needs to maintain its modernity through design, functionality, and comfort. The office furniture industry is constantly adapting to meet the needs of those who use the products most. Office furniture that doesn’t take modern design into account can produce unforeseen negative impacts on businesses and their respective employees. In an … Continue reading Top 5 Modern Office Furniture Designs


Custom Furnish Your Office Without Breaking Your Budget

Office workspaces come in many different shapes, sizes and floor layouts.  Furnishing your particular workspace can quickly turn into a precarious balancing act between space, layout, and most importantly, cost.  You may have recently signed a rental agreement on your first office space, and you’re eager to get set up, or perhaps you’ve just migrated … Continue reading Custom Furnish Your Office Without Breaking Your Budget

Top 5 Benefits of Specialized Office Furniture

In today’s office environments, furniture can play a vital role. Offering more than just function, office furniture can be an expression of your corporate culture, values and workflow. Outdated or dull furniture can harm your business in more ways than you may think. In an era of evolving workspaces, employees want to work in an … Continue reading Top 5 Benefits of Specialized Office Furniture

Space Functionality in The Office

Today, more companies are focused on functionality within their space, in order to create a productive and efficient environment. Companies seek new designs, trends and innovative solutions to maximize space functionality to the benefit of their employees. According to Open Sourced Workspace, the amount of office space per employee has significantly decreased to an average … Continue reading Space Functionality in The Office

Introduce “Curve Appeal” To Your Customers

Introduce “Curve Appeal” To Your Customers by David Kendrick, VP Business Development, fluidconcepts We are all familiar with the metaphor “Think Outside of the Box”. This means to think differently, unconventionally or from a different perspective, and often refers to novel or creative thinking. The world of office furniture is all too often linear thinking, … Continue reading Introduce “Curve Appeal” To Your Customers

BOB – Mobile Office in a Box

Fluidconcepts has created a mobile office in a box called Bob. Bob is designed for companies seeking a 'self contained turnkey workstation' which comes completely assembled and wheeled into place. Byron Leclair, President of fluidconcepts, says the key benefits are for companies requiring frequent changes, real time workstation additions, and real time removal of workstations. Employees now have open plan working spaces … Continue reading BOB – Mobile Office in a Box